Educational Options

What is Canvas and Accelerate and how will they be used for distance learning?
  • Canvas and Accelerate Education are two computer programs that will be used together to deliver instruction to 100% remote students. Canvas is what is known as a “Learning Management System or LMS.” Accelerate Education is the company that is providing the actual content and curriculum. So in other words the online curriculum has been developed by Accelerate Education and students will be using Canvas to access the material.
Will 100% remote students have a “teacher?”
  • All 100% remote students will be assigned an ECS certified teacher (or teachers) for all of their online classes. This teacher will be available during posted office hours throughout the week to answer questions, provide guidance, and to communicate directly with students and/or parents. However, it is important to note that 100% remote students will be receiving the vast majority of their instruction in a truly online format. Direct daily instruction by a live teacher, “Zoom” meetings with classmates, etc. will NOT be a part of the program.
Are there tutorial videos for students/parents on Canvas and Accelerate?
  • ECS will be providing in-person training opportunities for all students enrolled in 100% remote learning on Monday, August 31.. In-person students will not be reporting until Tuesday, September 1. While not required we strongly encourage all 100% remote students and a parent to attend these training opportunities.
Will my student be “graded” on their schoolwork?
  • Unlike the spring remote learning period, all students, whether enrolled in 100% remote or in-person instruction will be graded on their schoolwork in a traditional manner. At the middle/high school level students will receive letter grades that will count towards GPA and in the case of high school students towards meeting graduation requirements.
What if my child has an IEP?
  • Special Education services will be provided for all students as determined by their IEP. For those students choosing a 100% remote option a new IEP may need to be developed to determine what and how services will be provided.
What will 100% In-Person learning look like?
  • For all students 100% In-Person learning will run from 9:00-2:00. In the elementary this will look much like a typical day. Students will remain with their grade level throughout the school day. There will be lunch with their class and recess. Middle/high school students will be enrolled in three classes per day on a modified block schedule. Students will remain with their grade level for much of the day. Lunch will be served in grade level groups.
Will there still be a band program for in-person students?
  • Yes. The ECS Board of Education has made a strong commitment to continue the school’s band program. Band will most certainly look different. In the fall every effort will be made to have students outside for band as much as possible. We are also making arrangements to utilize percussion and stringed instruments as well as other musical options.
Will there still be art for in-person students?
  • Yes, ECS will continue to offer art options for all students in grades 6-12. For elementary students an art option will be available from 2:00-3:00 for non-bussing students.
Will there be band or art options for 100% remote students?
  • For students in grades 6-12 there will be options available to participate remotely in both music and art classes. These classes will be taught by Ms. Ford and Mr. Zimmerle and will operate in a 100% remote capacity.
Will ECS still offer CTE classes?
  • ECS will continue to offer Agriscience (grades 11-12) and Graphics (grades 10-12) for both in-person and remote students. Unfortunately, ECS will not be able to offer Construction. The availability of other CTE programs such as Automotive and Welding will be based on the local school district policies where the program is located.
Will there still be before and after school tutoring at the MS/HS?
  • ECS will offer after school homework help/tutoring from 2:00-3:00 for non-bussing students. Students 12 and under will be eligible to attend Club Lancer after-school care from 3:00-5:00 in the elementary school for a fee.
Will high school students be able to take dual enrollment classes?
  • Yes, high school students will still be able to take dual enrollment courses as in any previous year with the same requirements.