Will my child be able to participate in sports if they choose 100% remote?
  • Yes, ECS students whether 100% remote or 100% in-person will be eligible for all sports, extracurricular activities, and other services provided by the District. Every student enrolled in either our remote or in-person programs will still very much be a Lancer.
Will there be school sports?
  • ECS will adhere to all guidelines provided by the MHSAA and the State of Michigan as they pertain to athletics.
Will my student be penalized for missing school this year?
  • Due to the unusual nature of the upcoming school year, ECS will not be tracking attendance in a typical manner. All students, whether 100% in-person or 100% remote will be considered “virtual” learners. We fully anticipate instances where individual students or groups of students are required to learn from home for stretches of time.
How is it determined what phase Ellsworth Community School is in?
  • Phases of the Mi-Safe Start reopening plan are determined by the governor. The State of Michigan is broken into eight regions, with ECS being located in Region 6 (Traverse City.) Currently (August 9) Region 6 is in Phase 5. It would require executive action by the Governor to move the region to a different phase.
Will students be going outside?
  • Yes! It is our goal to have students outside as much as possible as the weather permits. The school has ordered several large party tents to use as outdoor classrooms and eating areas.
Will there be child care?
  • Yes. Even though school and bussing hours are from 9:00-2:00, ECS is committed to offering child care options for parents. For students in grades K-5 there will be child care available starting at 7:45. For all students in grades K-12 there will be quiet supervised and structured care available from 2:00-3:00 for non-bussing students. ECS will also continue to offer Club Lancer opportunities for all students 12 and under from 3:00-5:00 for a fee. In all cases (morning, afternoon, and Club Lancer) students will be required to wear facial coverings 100% of the time and adhere to social distancing
Will there be SAT testing for high school students who missed the testing dates in the Spring due to the COVID-19 shutdown?
  • As of this moment yes. Schools are scheduled to offer the PSAT/SAT on October 14 with a make-up date later in October. These tests will be administered to students in grades 9-11 (PSAT) and 12 (SAT.)
Will there be NWEA testing?
  • Yes, based on current guidance from the Michigan Department of Education all students will be participating in some form of fall diagnostic testing
What after-school clubs or activities will be available for my student?
  • Any after-school clubs or activities will be open to any registered ECS student regardless of enrollment in either In-Person or 100% remote learning.