Autumn Mosher

In a testament to the power of community engagement, Ellsworth Community School proudly announces the ongoing success of its partnership with Communities In Schools (CIS) of Northwest Michigan, now in its fifth year. This collaboration, rooted in a national non-profit organization, underscores the commitment to fostering a nurturing environment for student success. At the heart of this endeavor is Autumn Mosher, who has served as the CIS Site Coordinator for Ellsworth for the past three years.

Communities In Schools is a leading national non-profit organization that specializes in providing support for students facing various challenges to their education. With a mission to surround students with a community of support, CIS works collaboratively with schools, communities, and dedicated professionals like Autumn Mosher to ensure that all students have the resources they need to succeed academically and personally.

Under Autumn's guidance, Ellsworth Community School has provided essential support for students and families to thrive academically and personally. One of the standout initiatives is the monthly Family Nights spearheaded by Mosher, each featuring a unique theme aimed at strengthening family bonds and creating lasting memories. From capturing family pictures to crafting art projects and baking Christmas cookies, these events have become a cornerstone of the school's community engagement.

"A sense of community is vital for the success of our students, and Autumn has been instrumental in creating an inclusive and supportive environment at Ellsworth Community School," remarked Naomi Sponable PK-12 Principal at Ellsworth Community School.

Autumn has been a driving force behind several impactful programs such as collaborating with community partners to provide winter boots for students and families in need, ensuring that all students have access to essential resources for the colder months.

"Working with the incredible families and students at Ellsworth Community School is truly a joy. Seeing the positive impact we can make together is what I find most rewarding about my role. Every day brings a new opportunity to make a difference, and that's what makes this work so fulfilling," said Autumn Mosher, CIS Site Coordinator at Ellsworth Community School.

Amy Burk, Executive Director of Communities In Schools of Northwest Michigan, emphasized the organization's commitment to empowering students. "Communities In Schools (CIS) of Northwest Michigan does whatever it takes to help students succeed. Being able to address the specific needs within our partner schools has resulted in the ability to break barriers and empower students. Working with Ellsworth Community Schools is a win-win for students, families, and the community."

The partnership between Ellsworth Community School and CIS has produced tangible outcomes, including:

  • Boots for Kids: 28 pairs of boots distributed to families

  • Harvest of the Month: Monthly introduction of students to new produce

  • Community Partnerships: Building and maintaining relationships with partners to bring resources and experiences to students (Grain Train, Groundwork, FoodCorps, Good Samaritan, Goodwill, Boots for Kids, Royal Farms, Kings Orchards, Health Department, Anna Beth Smith Photography)

  • Local Resource Navigation: Helping parents and students navigate available local resources

  • Emotional Support: Supporting students as they learn and process through emotions

As Ellsworth Community School and Communities In Schools celebrate the ongoing success of their collaboration, the shared commitment to student success continues to grow stronger. The success stories emerging from this partnership reflect the transformative power of community engagement and dedicated individuals like Autumn Mosher, who are making a difference in the lives of students and families.

For more information about the achievements and initiatives at Ellsworth Community School, please contact:

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For media inquiries or to learn more about Communities In Schools of Northwest Michigan, please contact:

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