🏛️ Our School, Our Pride: A Walk Through the History of Ellsworth Middle/High School 🏛️

In this edition of "Our School, Our Pride," we embark on a historical journey through the evolution of our beloved Ellsworth Middle/High School. A special thanks to Louise Alfred for compiling much of the information shared in this post.

🧱 The Foundation (1918-1950): Our story begins in 1918, with the original two-story brick school that once stood where our parking lot is today. This building, with a basement and four classrooms, was the foundation of our educational legacy. Over the years, it saw several additions, adapting to the growing needs of our community. In 1950, four new classrooms and a shop classroom were added, expanding our learning spaces.

🏀 The Era of Expansion (1957): 1957 marked a significant milestone with another addition that brought more classrooms and a gymnasium/auditorium to our campus. This space became a hub for school and community events, fostering a sense of unity and pride.

🛠️ A New Direction (1976): In a transformative move in 1976, an addition was constructed south of the gym. Coinciding with this, the elementary school was built across the street, leading to a separation of the elementary and middle/high school grades. This period was a turning point, signifying growth and progression.

🏗️ Modernization and Preservation (2015): The most recent major renovation in 2015 brought our school into the modern era. New classrooms and student commons spaces were added, all electrical and mechanical systems were updated, and accessibility was enhanced. This "new" building, bright and cheerful, is equipped with modern technology and updated heating, electrical, and plumbing systems. Yet, it retains the charm of the original structures, with visible old brickwork and subtle nods to our past.

🤝 A Century of Community Support: As we reflect on these transformations, we must express our deepest gratitude to the voters of Ellsworth and Banks Township. Your unwavering support over the past 100 years, through the approval of bonds and sinking funds, has been instrumental in allowing us to maintain and update our facilities. This partnership with the community is the cornerstone of our success and longevity.

🔍 Looking Back, Moving Forward: As we walk through the halls of Ellsworth Middle/High School today, we are surrounded by a blend of history and progress. The walls tell stories of generations past, while the facilities cater to the needs of today's learners. It's a place where tradition meets innovation, creating an environment that's uniquely Ellsworth.

💬 Your Memories: We invite you to share your memories of the middle/high school building. How have you seen it change over the years? What are your favorite memories of the old and new structures?

📚 Up Next in 'Our School, Our Pride': Stay tuned for our next installment where we turn our focus to the heart of our younger learners – the Ellsworth Elementary School. Join us as we explore its history, development, and the role it plays in nurturing the early stages of our students' educational journeys.

📞 Experience Ellsworth Firsthand: Are you an alumni, community member, or a prospective family interested in seeing the evolution of our facilities firsthand? We warmly invite you to tour Ellsworth Middle/High School and experience the blend of history and modernity that makes our school unique. To arrange a visit, please contact the office at 231-588-2544 or email agaffney@ellsworth.k12.mi.us. We look forward to showing you around and sharing our pride in person!

Join us in celebrating the rich history and vibrant evolution of the Ellsworth Middle/High School building. It's not just a structure; it's a testament to our community's resilience, growth, and commitment to education.

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