Dear ECS Elementary Families:

Over the course of the last two school years Ellsworth Elementary has been actively engaged in developing a PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports) program for students in grades K-5.  Our program, which focuses on our three Lancer Values (Value Safety, Value Others, and Value Self), has been tremendously successful in creating a positive climate and culture in our school building. Through the active teaching of expected behaviors, the recognition and rewarding of positive student actions, and constant reteaching of established daily routines we have made great strides in making the Lancer Values an expected part of school life at ECS.

In an effort to keep moving forward with our PBIS program and to provide families with additional tools and structure for learning at home, the ECS team is sending home a packet of materials for families to implement PBIS at home.

Before I describe what’s included with this letter, I’d like to make a very important point.  Engaging in at home PBIS is completely voluntary.  The last thing that we want to do is “add one more thing” to already overwhelmed families.  On the contrary, we hope that by providing these suggestions we will be helping by bringing some of your student’s positive and productive school routines home.

Included along with this letter you will find several PBIS related documents;

  1. A short pamphlet that describes the PBIS program at ECS.  Although your best source of information is probably your students.  Just ask them about their Lancer Values.
  2. An example “behavior matrix” that lists some common at home times/places and expectations tied back to the Lancer Values.  The most important thing to remember is that expectations are always phrased positively.  Try to avoid words like “no” or “not.”
  3. A Remote Learning Lancer Values Poster.  Your student should be familiar with these posters.  At school we have Classroom Values, Hallways Values, Cafeteria Values, Playground Values, etc.
  4. 10 Lancer Values tickets and one (1) Golden Ticket.  Tickets are used to reward good behavior and are always given out with corresponding expectation specific praise.  For example you might say, “Christy I noticed that you were encouraging your classmates during your Zoom meeting today.  Thank you for Valuing Others, here’s a ticket.”  Golden tickets are for going above and beyond.  Note that we are only sending home 10 regular and one Golden Ticket, as a result you’ll need to eventually “reuse” your tickets.
  5. A tally sheet for tracking tickets received.  Both you and your student’s teacher can give tickets for positive behaviors shown during remote learning.  You might want to think about developing your own similar system for the other times of day.
  6. Finally a Rewards Menu.  You and your student’s teacher will be communicating together on how to “redeem” earned tickets for rewards.

In closing I’d like to thank all of our parents for working so closely with us during this period of Remote Learning.  While we would much rather be “in school” with your children, we are hopeful that strategies such as Remote Learning PBIS help to bring some sense of “normal” to your student’s day.  Your child’s teacher will be in communication in the coming week to explain more about distributing tickets and redeeming rewards.  In the meantime please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.