Evan Carl Wallace

Evan Carl Wallace, son of SueAnne and Chris Wallace, is a conscientious member of the class of 2021. In his free time, Evan enjoys writing, thinking, playing games, and hands-on projects. 

One of Evan’s favorite memories from high school was when his welding class had a cookout. During high school, Evan has participated in many aspects of the Ellsworth Wesleyan Church. Evan’s favorite class at ECS is History.  He enjoys studying history because there are so many facets that can be analyzed and understood in the pursuit of not making the same mistakes. 

Evan is most proud of actively learning a new skill, in particular, the guitar, and using it in public. After graduation, Evan plans to move to Wisconsin to attend Chippewa Valley Technical College to study welding. 

Evan’s favorite quote - "Why do they measure life by the years, rather than how good those years were?" - Gabriel Iglesias