students getting sphero robots

ELLSWORTH, MICHIGAN – Ellsworth Community School is excited to announce that middle school mathematics and high school computer science teacher Erica Stuck has received a $1,949.99 grant from Great Lakes Energy for the purchase of a classroom set of Sphero robots.  Spheros are exciting new ball shaped robots that teach students about computer programming and artificial intelligence.

“We are thrilled that Mrs. Stuck wrote and received a grant from Great Lakes Energy for the purchase of a classroom set of Sphero robots,” commented ECS Superintendent, Aaron Gaffney.  “This is an exciting new technology that will allow our students to apply principles of computer programming in a fun and engaging way.”  In addition to the almost $2000 grant, ECS has added $500 in local funds for the purchase of a charging/storage cart, as well as using dedicated technology funds to update the 15 iPads that will be used with the robots.

Mrs. Stuck plans to use the Spheros with both her high school computer programming class as well as during a dedicated Sphero class for middle school students during the spring Lancer Leap project term.  “The students are really excited to start learning how to use the Spheros,” indicated Mrs. Stuck.  “We’ve had a couple of students bringing in their own Spheros during this school year and everyone is anxious to begin using our new classroom set.  It will be a great way to apply the coding concepts we’ve been learning throughout the year.”

Ellsworth Community School was one of 19 grant recipients chosen from over 40 applications for the Great Lakes Energy grant.  “This grant will provide our students with many hands on opportunities for years to come,” indicated Gaffney.  “ECS would like to thank Great Lakes Energy for giving back to the community.”